Leasing At Hunters Plaza

Are you interested in becoming a retailer at Hunters Plaza?

Hunters Plaza is a great place where people from all walks of life, cultures, tastes, wants and needs converge.

The centre is strategically positioned to take advantage of the proximity of businesses within Papatoetoe.

This makes it a perfect location to promote or conduct a trial run of your business’ product or service to a wide range of customers. We welcome different shops, new retailers and brands to join our mix of both local and international stores at the centre.

Casual Leasing and Pop-up shops

Hunters Plaza also offers casual leasing in our common mall area & pop-ups in ready-made stores. Both options could be good for you to test your new business, promote an exciting service or sell any extra stock you might have.

In addition, you will be situated where foot traffic is heaviest maximising your exposure within the lease time frame. When people come in to the centre, your store is going to get some attention. The more people coming in, the more chances of you converting those leads into sales. We have a lot of businesses who have used us to their advantage and increased their profitability within a certain time period, usually during the holidays..

Want to try it?

Please contact us on 09 277 7516 if you wish to speak with someone who can assist you through the process or you can send us an email on hunters.plaza@colliers.com

Leasing Options